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Scope of the Rabbinate

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One of the most important tasks of the rabbinate of a Jewish community is to create meaningful rituals for the Jewish life cycle. They are an important part of our lives. Religion offers rituals that have been tried and tested for a long time, but they must be planned and arranged. We support our members in important stages of their lives: at important celebrations such as a bar or bat mitzvah, a marriage or in the event of a death with the accompaniment of the grieving family. Visiting the sick, counseling, and the weekly badminton game are other ways the rabbinate cares for its parishioners.

The rabbinate is responsible for the conversion course in Bern. Conversion to Judaism is a process of belonging to a people, to God, to a community and to a country. It is a comprehensive undertaking that requires a great deal of commitment from both sides. The JGB offers a conversion course under the direction and administration of Rabbi Yehoshua Ahrens. If you are interested in learning more or considering converting to Judaism, please contact Rabbi Yehoshua Ahrens directly.

Education is one of the most important aspects of the Bern Rabbinate. The focus is on training young and old. The Rabbinate offers weekly classes and lectures and tours of the synagogue to school and university classes.

Other services for Jews in the Canton of Bern include confirmations of Jewishness, assistance with aliyah requests, and dispensations for Jewish holidays.

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