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Our mission statement

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Purpose of the JGB

  1. The JGB enables its members to live a Jewish religious life.

  2. The JGB provides a framework for teaching and learning Jewish knowledge.

  3. The JGB promotes the cohesion and Jewish identity of its members through its work and institutions.

  4. The JGB as a united community is open and tolerant towards all Jewish religious orientations.

  5. The JGB also wants to offer less religiously oriented members the opportunity to live their Jewish identity and/or their cultural roots within the community.




  1. The JGB takes all possible measures to ensure its continuity.

  2. The JGB makes community life attractive enough to appeal to all generations.

  3. The JGB encourages the active participation of the younger generation in the synagogue, committees and institutions.

  4. The JGB actively seeks to attract all Jewish people living in the geographical area of the community.

  5. The JGB performs functions for neighbouring smaller Jewish communities.




  1. The JGB regards the promotion of children and young people as the basis of its continuity.

  2. The JGB provides an infrastructure for children and young people.

  3. The JGB is committed to ensuring that children, at least one of whose parents is Jewish, can participate in religious education.

  4. In the case of children with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother who attend religious education, a transfer is to be sought.




  1. The JGB pursues a sound financial policy in which expenditure may not exceed income, except in important and justified cases.

  2. Foreseeable major expenses are to be pre-financed with funds and reserves.

  3. A reduction in membership fees shall be sought.

  4. The JGB shall provide its services for the benefit of its members. Where non-members participate, they must contribute to the costs.




  1. The JGB participates in Jewish umbrella organizations in Switzerland and Europe.

  2. The JGB is actively involved in inter-religious exchange and common inter-religious concerns.

  3. The JGB contributes to cultural diversity in our environment.

  4. The JGB cooperates with public institutions of the city, the canton and the federal government.

  5. The JGB actively participates in political debates that directly affect it.

  6. The JGB is connected to Israel as the home of our religion and culture.


Executive Board


  1. The Board sets goals in line with the mission statement.

  2. The Board members are jointly responsible for the affairs of the JGB.

  3. Majority decisions must be supported by all Board members.

  4. The Board and the Commissions work on a voluntary basis.


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