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Our Organizations

Several associations are affiliated with the Jewish community. There are also various organizations and associations in Bern that are independent of the municipality, but are close to it.


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WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organization) was founded in Great Britain in 1920. Today the movement is spread out in 50 countries worldwide and has 250,000 members.

With over 800 programs, WIZO constantly adapts to the changing needs of the Israeli population. Support ranges from crèches to rest centers for senior citizens. At WIZO there are programs for physical and mental well-being, for mental and personal development, for every age group.

WIZO is officially recognized as an NGO (non-governmental organization) by the UN. It is also the first Zionist organization to enjoy advisory status with UN organizations such as ECOSOC and UNICEF.

You can find more information about WIZO Bern  here .

Jewish Women's Association Bern



In 1867 some women from Bern founded the "Israelitische Frauenkasse" whose first meeting took place on January 12th.

First Protocol of January 12, 1867  


Unexcused absences from meetings had to be settled with a fine of one franc.

The "Women's Fund" became the "Israelite Women's Association" with new statutes.
The association was later renamed the "Jewish Women's Association of Bern".

On November 3, 1924, the association joined the Federation of Swiss Women's Organizations.
Today, the Jewish Women's Association in Bern is a member of the
Federation of Swiss Jewish Women's Organizations  as well as of the  Bern Women's Center  and the  Confederation of Swiss Women's Organizations alliance F .



Visitor service: regular visits to members who are elderly, sick or in the hospital

Organizing Tahara for members and for the Jewish community

Friday evening dinners once or twice a year

Organizing the little kidushim after the Shabbat service

Preparation of the Hanukkah meal, Shavuot learning meal and Yom Kippur break-fast for the Jewish community

Joint implementation of events with other commissions

Annual outing for members



The board consists of 6-8 members and meets about 5 times a year.
The General Assembly takes place every 2 years



Any Jewish woman over the age of 18 can become a member.
The annual membership fee is CHF 35.-


Contact  frauenverein(at)

Chevra Kadisha

Prague Funeral Brotherhood.jpeg

Rabbiner Jehoschua Ahrens

rabbiner.ahrens(at), 077 448 55 15

If no answer: Secretariat JGB  info(at)jgb.ch031 381 49 92

Jewish Men's Hospital Association -
Bikur Holim, Bern

Bikur Cholim_neu_edited.jpg

One of our most important tasks is visiting sick, convalescent or lonely men. Talking to them and letting them participate in the Jewish life of our community in this way is a beautiful and enriching experience for both our members and those visiting.


In addition, in cooperation with the social department, we support Jews in need who have a close connection to Bern.


Another task is the Tahara.


Membership costs CHF 30.-.



Postal account Bikur Holim Bern: 30-13753-3 

Bikur Holim for women

Bikur Cholim.png

Registration for visiting sick, lonely or convalescent women: sozial(at)

First minutes from January 12, 1867

JTV - Jewish Gymnastics Club Bern

JTV - Kart 15 Kids_8.jpeg

General information about the program and activities:  jtvbern(at)

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