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Religious Education

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Children in grades 1 to 9 attend a weekly class.Each class consists of 2 lessons and takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays in the late afternoon.

The content is conveyed in a relaxed, age-appropriate manner according to the principle of cyclical learning. In particular, the following goals are pursued:

Lower grades (1st – 3rd grade):
  • increase familiarity with Jewish topics and content in a playful and exciting way

  • make contact with other (Jewish) children

Intermediate (4th – 6th grade):
  • estabish a basic knowledge of Jewish topics and content

  • develop skills for practicing Judaism

  • increase familiarity with worship

High School (7th – 9th grade):
  • have in-depth knowledge of Jewish topics and content

  • form opinions, take a stand

  • develop Jewish identity

Religious instruction is open to the children of JGB members of all Jewish religious orientations, but also to children of non-members by arrangement.

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