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Publications on the history of
Jews in Bern and Switzerland


Emil Dreifuss: Jews in Bern A walk through the centuries

Verlag Verbandsdruckerei Betadruck Bern, 1983

With the kind permission of Emil Dreifuss's daughter, the book "Jews in Bern" can be found under this  link  be viewed.

Festschrift for the centenary of the Jewish community in Bern (1848-1948)

The commemorative publication can be found under this  link  be viewed.

Collegium Generale of the University of Bern: The attraction and strangeness of Jewish culture

150 years of Jewish communities in the canton of Bern

Publisher Peter Lang, Berne 1999
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In: Bern, the history of the city in the 19th and 20th centuries

Stämpfli Verlag Bern 2003 Link

  1. Erne, Emil: City politics between patriciate and female majority: references to Jewish aspects:

      • Unequal Rights for Citizens and Residents, page 114 

      • Frontism and National Socialism in Bern, pages 144-145

  2. Barth, Robert: From Unity to Diversity

      • Recognition of non-Christian communities using the example of the Bernese Jews, page 219 ff


In: Bern's courageous times (the 13th and 14th centuries)

School publishers blmv and Stämpfli Verlag Bern 2003 Link

  1. Knoch-Mund, Gaby: Bernese tombstones as evidence of Jewish tradition, page 223

  2. Landolt, Oliver: The Jewish population, page 270 ff

"Like Above Clouds"  (Jewish worlds of life and thought in the city and region of Bern 1200-2000)

 René Bloch and Jacques Picard Link

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