For kosher pruducts in Switzerland consult these Koscher Lists.

Kosher List Bern

Kosher List ICZ

Kosher List Basel

Kosher List IRG Zürich


For foreign products, please check the cash register lists of the respective countries, e.g. for Germany:


Buying kosher food in Berne

Loeb AG and Coop Ryfflihof Berne has a small section of kosher food. 

Vegetarian and dairy kosher food can be bought from Siani Food in Zäziwil.

VOM FASS offers exclusive cask-aged vinegars, exquisite oils, select wines, spirits ans liquers direct from the cask. Come to the store on Gerechtigkeitsgasse 70 in Berne ans Check out your favourites or try something recommended by the friendly staff. The products can be packaged for your travel or as gifts. Not everything is kosher, but ask for a list of their kosher products and the staff will be happy to assist you.

In the shop "Wychäuer Ämmitau" (Hohengasse 23, 3400 Burgdorf) you can buy kosher wines. Ask the staff for a list of their kosher products an they will help you.